One Store. Multiple Channels. Bigger Opportunities.

Nov, 2015
Written by: Mercado | 

It is becoming more and more expensive to drive traffic to your own e-commerce website.  Paid search is more competitive than ever, thus driving up bid rates for popular keywords.  Organic (or free) search traffic cannot be relied upon. I have heard of retailers losing 20%-50% of their traffic overnight because Google changed their search algorithm. Getting your products in front of the right audience has never been so difficult.

So, wouldn’t it be great if retailers could set up an online store that also enables them to enter targeted online marketplaces where their products are marketed for them to the right audience and actually drives the right kind of consumers to their business. Well, now you can, through Mercado ONE. Launching in December 2015, Mercado ONE connects sellers with buyers through Community Channels. Everything is set up to be as simple as possible to get up and running and every channel is controlled from one central dashboard. Everyone pulling together for the benefit of all. We call this Community Commerce.

Today it is not just about winning price wars, it is more about what the retailers have to offer which is unique to them. Online marketplaces give them a chance to level the playing field and find the right audience for their product, and with competitive commission rates it doesn’t cost the earth to get to the right buyers.

Online marketplaces are essential for any retailer wanting to get their products in front of a targeted audience and an absolute must for big brands wanting to leverage more from their existing audience and retailer relationships.

“At Mercado we identify brands that have large online and offline audiences and partner with them to create brand driven marketplace solutions that retailers can enter to showcase their goods to the brands audience.”
Julian Emery
Managing Director at Mercado Commerce

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