Mercado ONE

One Store. Multiple Channels. Bigger Opportunities.

What is Mercado ONE?

Mercado ONE is the platform that allows you to engage in Community Commerce.

Mercado ONE Sellers are people/businesses that have products and services to sell.

Mercado ONE Channels are people/businesses with an established audience, following or membership.

Mercado ONE brings all these parties together creating more opportunities for everyone.

Mercado ONE Sellers

Being a Mercado ONE Seller provides you with a number of opportunities.

Once you have built your presence within Mercado ONE you have a number of options available to you.

Firstly you can activate your own standalone store / web site. Mercado ONE provides you with the simplest, lowest cost platform to do this. We charge simple monthly costs starting from free for a basic store. If you already have an online  store then you don’t need to activate this.

Secondly you can choose to access Mercado ONE Channels. Search the Channels and apply to join the ones that fit your business. These Channels give you access to audience that you just couldn’t reach on your own. Each Channel has it’s own fee structure depending on it’s brand value, audience size etc.

Everything you do is controlled form one dashboard, so you don’t have to maintain multiple stores, stock levels etc.  It really is very simple.

Become a Mercado ONE seller

Mercado ONE Channels – FREE

If you have an established audience, following or membership then you can become a Mercado ONE Channel.

You can set up your own dedicated Channel allowing you to create a marketplace of products and services that are relevant to you. It is FREE to be a Mercado ONE Channel. You set up your fee structure for Sellers to join your Channel. Mercado ONE then links you with relevant Sellers.

For large community/membership owners, set up a Channel to bring your community together. Everyone will benefit from the combined power of your community working as ONE.

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